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Talk-Ruby is a community of enthusiastic ruby developers around the world. We talk about the hidden secrets of ruby and how it can help us make our life easier. We discuss the various techniques to solve the same problem but in an efficient way.

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Emitii is an online time tracking and analysis tool developed by Jyaasa Technologies. Emitii is simple yet powerful and easy to use. With Emitii, you can set your projects and tasks and start tracking your time. It also allows you to analyse your team working hours right from the start. Tracking time is easy on Emitii. It lets you and your team control logs effortlessly. You can always adjust the time later! Keep records for all of your team tasks. Edit or Delete records on the go. Generate and export those records easily! Emitii visualize statistical graphs and pie-chart of your time and t...

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Todo App

The Brilliant & Smart Way to Regulate Your Works.

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We are where startup companies come to get their MVP created… on time and on budget.

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