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Kapil and his team are not only true professionals with sound knowledge, they are also very passionate about the project, it's timely completion and success. They have done a superb job by far exceeding my expectation with their approach and the implementation of this project. They are very responsive, reliable, and easy to work with. I'll continue to use them in the future and I highly recommend them.

Whatever the occasion is, Kantid will get you styled using your existing wardrobe and more. Use personal stylist service based on your budget and your preferred method of email, video chat or in person.

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What is Kantid?

Kantid is for those people who are busy to hire personal stylist(shopper) and have little fashion sense at affordable price. Kantid connects customers and stylist with real time communication tools(text and video video). Customer will be able to reach pool of world class professional stylist and also get suggestion from experts of the fashion & style industry for any type of Occasion. Customer can use dress from their existing wardrobe if they cannot afford new dress(reusable)

What did the client want?

Our clients plan was to solve the problem of picking out the right outfit and style for an individual. This problem is experienced by a lot of people who own many outfits or want to buy but they don’t have the expertise to pick the outfit and style that suits them the best for a given occasion. Not everyone can afford or has the time for in person personal stylist or personal shopper. So our client wanted to solve that problem by providing an online platform where people can send their pictures/outfit/accessories and a registered stylist helps them pick the right ones. This is a better solution because people don’t need to travel to see the stylist/personal shopper and pay a lot of money as any stylist available can offer the service via web. This is also a good business for stylists as they can offer their service from anywhere and anytime.

What Jyaasa did?

  • Developed concept for Kantid from scratch using Design sprint.
  • Planning of entire project roadmap for development.
  • Initiated product design and app architecture.
  • Built Mockups and Wireframes.
  • Used invision for interacting with client on wireframes and provide them demo of users flow.
  • Regular communication with stakeholders.
  • Small feedback loops.
  • Did internal demo at the end of each weeks.
  • Present online demo's to our clients at the end of each sprint.
  • Initiated responsive Front End and Back End development.
  • Product development used Agile Methodology.

The entire Kantid development involved one Front End Designer, one Software Engineer. And it took five months to complete the whole MVP.

Tools and Technologies used:

Ruby on Rails | WebRTC | Solr search engine | Node.js | HTML5 | CSS3 | SASS | CoffeeScript | Bootstrap | Rspec, Capybara and Poltergeist were used as testing frameworks for Test Driven Development (TDD)