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We had the opportunity to work with Jyaasa on an anonymous location based app. The team was Jyaasa quickly understood the requirements and showed great progress from Week 1 of the project. Everyone at Jyaasa are willing to go an extra mile to help you meet your deadlines. In our case the team worked day and night to deliver the app in a short time. We have been working with Jyaasa for over a year now and their skills , honesty and professionalism is something I really appreciate everyday.

Asscky lets you find and interact anonymously with posts and comments around your location. You can use the map to find Asscky board around your location and see what people are talking about. Asscky will add a second layer of security to your conversations. With Private Boards, all chat data is hidden behind a secret key, so snoopers can't look through your private conversions.

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Since Asscky lets you search people around certain location, to filter the boards from certain radius of the current location was a bit challenging for the development team.  
Our project development team included one project manager who ensures the progress on project and the quality of work done by our team. He communicated with clients and collaborated with VP of design, development team and implemented those changes if we think those changes/feedback were necessary for the MVP. Our development team also included one mobile developer and one backend developer. Our daily routine consists of short meeting with all the team member for 15 mins. In this short meeting each member explained what they did yesterday and what they are planning to do today and also discuss if anyone faced any problem.
Before we start to develop the project, we estimated numbers of hours that need to build the project. For mobile User Interface and User Experience, we run 5-days design sprint. As the result of design sprint we were able to build interactive mockups. We uploaded those mockups to the invisionApp, build user flow and asked our client to check the mockups and its flows. We received few feedback from our client and the real user and accordingly updated the UI/UX. We used following technologies :
  • Ruby and Rails For backend and Admin Panel
  • React Native for mobile application(Both iOS and Android)
  • MySQL for database
  • Pusher for app notification
  • Expo push notification