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Asscky lets you find and interact anonymously with posts and comments around your location. You can use the map to find Asscky board around your location and see what people are talking about. Asscky will add a second layer of security to your conversations. With Private Boards, all chat data is hidden behind a secret key, so snoopers can't look through your private conversions.

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Campus Brainiac

Campus Brainiac is a web and mobile application that simplifies peer tutoring. The application facilitates messaging, booking, and payments. Camus Brainiac is a great way to connect with other students in your program and courses. In this app students will be able to approach brainiacs and can get some tutoring. Brainiac on other hand will get paid on per hourly basis by the students.

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Effect SIS

Effect is an international non-profit operating low cost private schools creating educational opportunities to children in india. They open low-cost private schools across india and have rebuild schools in nepal which were damaged in earthquake, bringing quality education to children.

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Whatever the occasion is, Kantid will get you styled using your existing wardrobe and more. Use personal stylist service based on your budget and your preferred method of email, video chat or in person.

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The Platform for Developers to build custom Work Portfolios & Experienced Freelance Developers to connect with quality clients. NodeBomb. Build & Increase.

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We are where startup companies come to get their MVP created… on time and on budget.

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Somewhere between a recipe site and a meal planning site, Meal-Wheel is a tool to take the work out of planning weekly dinners. With a spin of the Wheel, a unique menu is generated for you with just the number of meals you need. Keep the menu as it is, or change a dish or two until the menu is perfect.

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Emitii is an online time tracking and analysis tool developed by Jyaasa Technologies. Emitii is simple yet powerful and easy to use. With Emitii, you can set your projects and tasks and start tracking your time. It also allows you to analyse your team working hours right from the start. Tracking time is easy on Emitii. It lets you and your team control logs effortlessly. You can always adjust the time later! Keep records for all of your team tasks. Edit or Delete records on the go. Generate and export those records easily! Emitii visualize statistical graphs and pie-chart of your time and t...

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Jyaasa helped designerex™ become the world’s first secure designer clothes sharing marketplace for individuals and businesses. designerex combines the sharing economy and leading technology such as real-time ID verification, with high-end designer clothing, enabling women to tap into underutilised designer clothes and wear designer to all their events, or to make money by securely sharing their designer dresses with others.

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At you can show your culinary skills and provide hearty meals for people who are not always able to cook for themselves due to age, health, disabilities, or have hectic jobs, or simply are looking to enjoy meals cooked from the heart to share with friends.

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Talk-Ruby is a community of enthusiastic ruby developers around the world. We talk about the hidden secrets of ruby and how it can help us make our life easier. We discuss the various techniques to solve the same problem but in an efficient way.

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DoubleDog is a simple yet exciting social gaming app to bring your family and friends together. With DoubleDog, you can create as many challenges as you want. You can ask your friends to be part of it. They can upload photos as proof that they have comple

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