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React Native Developer


Jyaasa is an innovative software development company that helps entrepreneurs and startups with customized solutions. Joining at Jyaasa as a React Native Engineer, you would be working hand in hand with startups from around the world and delivering outsmart solutions helping them achieve their ambitious goals.


  • At least one year of relevant working experience
  • Must be able to work on React Native independently or under minimal supervision upon hiring
  • In-depth knowledge of React Native, JavaScript, mobile development and design paradigm
  • Knowledge of Native Modules, Navigation Management Library and State Management Library
  • Proficiency in REST APIs, Test Driven Developments and App store functionality
  • Great blend of JavaScript and native platform skills ability to diversify the products across both iOS and Android platforms
  • Excellent communication, collaboration and team skills
  • Must be a problem solver and able to pull off fresh perspectives via computational thinking process.
  • Experienced in Git


  • Develop, test, deploy and maintain native mobile applications
  • Design and build advanced applications for the iOS & Android platforms in React Native
  • Develop clean, elegant and reusable code that is easy to maintain and extend
  • Leverage native APIs for deep integrations with both iOS and Android platforms
  • Develop automated tests to ensure high quality of products
  • Implement third party library and API to the application.
  • Built pixel perfect and smooth UIs across multiple mobile platforms
  • Detect and fix bugs and performance bottlenecks
  • Work and collaborate with team to understand, build and deliver an innovative solution or design new features to existing applications
Ganesh Kunwar VP of Engineering

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