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Developers Nepal Meetup #4

On Feb 15 2017

Tech meetup these days are happening like mushroom popping in a farm, which is a very good thing and a best place for software enthusiasts to share their experience and learn from other software enthusiasts as well and also helps create an awareness to new generation for software professional and meet people with similar passion. Meetup now days is not just about networking, it’s about growing knowledge base and moving forward together.

Some of our Engineers attended the Developers Nepal meetup past week and one of our senior Engineer Sagun Shrestha was on panelist for a panel discussion on the Topic “Automated Test, Do We Really Need Them?”. Every Panelist Sharing their experience on writing automated tests and discussing about its need. Developers Nepal Meeting #4 sponsored by Toptal and hosted at Fusemachines was a BLAST with an overwhelming crowd, influencing & hypnotic talks of Geshan Manandhar on “Things I Wish I Knew As Junior Developer”, Punit Jajodia’s “Remote Work: Challenges and Opportunities” and Rajesh Sharma’s “SOA with Consul”.

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