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We are a company with extreme passion for software craftsmanship and reliable software engineering.

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Our goal is to provide ourselves with the best possible benefits, tools to use and environments to work in while staying sustainable.

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We train a new generation of practitioners with on-the-job training who would work alongside Jyaasa’s engineers on client projects and help improve where one needs improvement the most.

What are we looking for?

  • A web developer experienced in frameworks other than rails,
  • A less experienced developer who has built and deployed at least on rails app and are also practicing test driven development,
  • A developer comfortable with rails but needs to improve on best practices like test driven development or code quality.
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BootCamp @ Jyaasa

Our Bootcamp is the highly intensive and rigorous training program designed to inject software craftsmanship into the aspiring, dedicated and high potential software engineering undergraduates.

What are we looking for?

  • Knowledge of basic Linux commands
  • Basic knowledge of how web applications work
  • Basic knowledge of object oriented programming, data structure and algorithm
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