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Simple form

By Neha Suwal on Mar, 18, 2016

Simple Form allows to get any kind of data of the form. Mainly it uses two API tokens, form_api_token and api_token. The form_api_token is a public token. And api_token which is a private token and only visible to the owner. This token is used while retrieving the data of the form.

To implement it in your app, first you need to visit and enter the email where you want your data to be sent.

A flash notice displays an e-mail has been sent to you. You will receive an e-mail from GetSimpleForm which will be have the form API token.This token is needed later so you need copy and save it.

For implementing in your code, in the form part, add an action inside form tag and in the action add the full url with the token that you copied earlier.

And your are done!

When you submit any data through the form, you will receive an email with the data that you entered in the form. This has a special feature of redirecting after submit. By default you don’t have to put any redirect value. It will redirect you to the same form’s page. If you want to redirect your user to another page after submitting the form, you can add a redirect url.

Simpleform also allows you to format the messages you receive when a user submits the form in your website.For this there is a button for form setting in their website, where you can modify as per your requirement.

You can also use HTML tags to format the body of the email so that it is more visually appealing.

Presentation On Simple form

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