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Ruby Workshop at Jyaasa

By Promising Software Engineer on Jul, 30, 2019

In the current tech scenario there has been a depletion in the rate of Ruby Developers in and around the valley, mainly because people are not aware of how powerful Ruby is/ has been for a long time as a programming language. Jyaasa as a lead contributor to the Ruby Community in Nepal, with the vision of rebuilding the Ruby ecosystem hosted a 2 days inhouse workshop for the tech enthusiast on the 23rd and 24th of June 2019. Ruby workshop led by 4 Jyassians, Santosh Prasad Sah, Sagun Shrestha, Ganesh Kunwar and Umesh Prasad Kafle, had 11 participants. 

The curriculum was set as per the new learning methodology rather than the old classroom approach. The main agenda of the workshop was to provide the participants with insight and familiarize them with Ruby. The first day started off with the introduction to Ruby and required environment setup for each participant. The leads demonstrated the various components of Ruby like variables, objects, loops, user inputs, functions and many more. The participants were able to build a simple project by the end of the workshop.

With the Ruby workshop, we are working on rebuilding the Ruby community in Nepal. We would only need each individual directly or indirectly linked with Ruby to contribute something or the other to give back to the Community. With Ruby conf taking place worldwide, and not everyone from Nepal, especially the fresh graduates not being able to attend the event, we want them to gain the same knowledge that gets shared across. 

At Jyaasa, we have build our ecosystem based around Ruby. Of Course, we also work on other stacks, but We have not found any other programming language that is mature, powerful, fun to code and that makes us Happy. So, with this love for Ruby, we successfully conducted 2 days Ruby Workshop. We will definitely be organizing more workshops related to Ruby. Follow us and stay tuned on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram, for further updates regarding the next workshop. In case of any enquiries visit our website and drop in your queries and we will revert back as soon as possible. You are always welcome to our Jyaasa HQ for any questions, networking and healthy discussions.

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