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Jyaasa in Prestige Talks

By Neha Suwal on Jun, 16, 2017

Jyaasa Technologies is an innovative web development company, which turn ideas into digital products. Jyaasa has served startups and entrepreneurs to achieve their goal via web application, and mobile applications. We are helping startups by adding values to their business to do so we help them on their planning and clear out their requirements.

Spending three years in the technology field, we are glad to say that we have served many startups and well established companies around the world. As we are trying to serve in  Nepalese market, we had recently attended a Prestige Talks conference, which was organised by ESOS (Everest School of Startups) in Pokhara.



Our CEO Mr. Kapil and me having group picture with participants


The event was named as CEO’s on Bike that means the CEO’s of companies were travelling to Pokhara on bike. The event was for 3 days. The main purpose of this event was to bring Nepales startups together in a single event. This event was a great platform for Jyaasa to represent about Jyaasa in front of Nepalese startups. Mr. Kapil Raj Nakhwa (CEO of Jyaasa technology) and me Neha Suwal ( Product Manager of Jyaasa technology ) were as representative on behalf of Jyaasa technology in that event. The journey started on Friday, 2nd june 2017 from Maitighar, Kathmandu.


Our CEO Mr. Kapil Raj Nakhwa presenting his experience in Software Industry.




Me presenting on the topic called 'Metrics that Matters' and Emitti


On Saturday morning of 3rd June, Pokhara’s Civil Society members, businesspersons, bankers, and students also joined us to participate in the Prestige Talks event. The event was presided by the President of Pokhara Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Mr. Bishwo Palikhe, while the Managing Director of Bajeko Sekuwa Pokhara branch, Mr. Eak Raj Giri was the Guest of Honor.


Our CEO and me receiving award for the best CEO on the bike.


During the event Mr. Kapil Raj Nakhwa presented his experience in Software Industry whereas, I presented on the topic ‘Metrics that Matters’ and introduced Emitii as one of the effective metrics for measuring human hours spent for companies across projects and tasks. It was a proud moment for us when our CEO was honoured by an award of the best CEO on bike for outstanding performance on the event. It was a great opportunity that we got chance to guide a few founders of Nepalese startups to get their business goals and help them to structure contentainment action and contingency plan for their company.


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