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Career Conclave 2019

By Promising Software Engineer on Jul, 30, 2019

Career Conclave 2019 organized by Namaste Kathmandu on June 9th was a platform for the students/ fresh graduates to familiarize with the tech community of Nepal. The main objective of the event was to provide an exciting opportunity for students and Fresh Graduates to meet multiple employers under one roof and show them the right direction for their career & aspirations.

Jyaasa being one of the leading Ruby on Rails agency in the valley proudly took part in the event as the co-sponsor. With the ever rising standard of the tech community of Nepal, we always try and contribute to the community in a way or the other.Our main objective going into this event was to provide necessary counselling, promotion of our bootcamp and also increase Jyaasa's brand recognition. Our Team for this event consisted of react JS, React Native, Ruby and QA Experts for Providing the counselling for the event.

Throughout the event, the students were very enthusiastic with respect to the panel discussion that had taken place. The students wholeheartedly listened to the panel members, who tried their best to share the details/ experience with the participants. The Panel discussion was great because learning by listening to other people experience is always better and might as well change the thinking strategy of a few.

As a company and as an experienced member of the society we understood that the fresh graduates/ enrolled students of various colleges need a platform where they can express themselves or foresee the future as to where do they stand when it comes to the IT industry in Nepal. It is better to guide the students in the earlier stages rather than waiting for the last moment before they join the stream which someone else decided is better for them. 

We are always happy to be a part of the event and we thank Namaste Kathmandu for providing us the opportunity to be a part of the Career Conclave 2019. We hope that we can always give back in a way or the other to the community where we all grew from.

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