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3 years of helping startups and entrepreneurs with technology

By Neha Suwal on Aug, 04, 2017

Yippeeee we are 3!!


Our 3rd anniversary cake

We are glad to announce that we have successfully completed our 3rd anniversary earlier this week. We are very thankful to our web designers, software engineers and other members without whom we could not have completed those amazing 3 years in this industry. We would also like to thank our valuable clients who have always supported us.

Our team listening to words of wisdom from our VP of Engineering Ganesh Kunwar on our Annual Day

Jyaasa was founded with a mission to build remarkable digital products for startups and early stage businesses. Since its establishment, it has been helping various entrepreneurs and startups around the globe with creating and scaling online tech businesses.  Whether it's a mobile app or custom software, we are passionate to design, develop & deliver products that do well. 

The key to our success lies in our process of designing, building and developing the viable product. We follow certain process which includes

  1. The Discovery Phase
  2. The UI(User Interface) - UX(User eXperience) Design Phase
  3. The System Architecture Design Phase
  4. The Development Phase
  5. The Beta Testing Phase
  6. The Launch Phase
  7. Maintenance

The discovery phase includes developing of concepts, features, building roadmaps running Design Sprints. The UI - UX design phase includes the creation of prototype. After the UI and UX design are approved by our client, then we basically break the whole application into smaller components/modules having single responsibility and derive relationship among these modules. And then finally step in the development phase. During this phase we actually built the product and then test it along with the client and work accordingly as per their feedback. We follow the best practices of extreme programming, follow TDD and refactor the codebase. And then finally deliver the product. 

Among our successful deliveries, Kantid is one of our favourite. Our client had an idea to solve the problem of picking out the right outfit and style for an individual and develop personal stylist on demand platform. This problem was experienced by a lot of people who own many outfits or want to buy but they don’t have the expertise to pick a particular outfit and style that suits them the best for a given occasion. Not everyone can afford or has the time for personal stylist or personal shopper. So our client wanted to solve that problem by providing an online platform where people can send their pictures/outfit/accessories and a registered stylist that helped them pick the right ones.

With the only requirement of solving the problem of picking out the right outfit and style for an individual, our team started with brainstorming pain points for our target consumers. After brainstorming the team started up with a 5 days Design Sprint which helped them with many things. Such as listing out the features and creating prototypes to make a minimum viable product (MVP). After the approval of the prototype, each features were divided into ER diagrams which further made the team clearer about each feature. The features were then planned in a 2 week sprint. On every starting day the team would have a short stand up where they had a short discussion on what they did on the previous day, and what they will be doing on the particular day. The team also used various techniques such as retrospecting, using gantt charts and calculating the sprint’s velocity at the end of every ending of sprint. 

Besides with the process that we follow, we also help our client in customer acquisition. We help them track various metrics such as the daily views, drop offs and traffic on each page. With the help of these metrics we can help our client verify the user experience. In kantid we helped Client with the early acquisition program, helped him with tracking down the users, their flow and accordingly adjust those learned feedbacks into the platform. 

We believe that we are not only a bunch of people that can code, but can also wear the shoes of a much needed technical partners who would help clients to develop concepts and can suggest the client with a proper path wherever necessary. Here's what our clients have to say abour us. View Testimonials

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