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Why we organize all hands Annual Retreat?

By Promising Software Engineer on Sep, 17, 2019

“With the same team but the purpose was different. With the same people but the reactions were different. Everyone was full of excitement, deep smile and pleasure in mind. The moment was really interesting to watch and observe.” Would it be safe for companies to pull out their employees from their deadlines/priorities for an annual retreat? Can companies cope up with the burden of playing catch up? In our opinion, Absolutely yes!! Why wouldn’t it? Whether you’re running a company of five or 500, changing pace with a retreat will re-ene...

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Career Conclave 2019

By Promising Software Engineer on Jul, 30, 2019

Career Conclave 2019 organized by Namaste Kathmandu on June 9th was a platform for the students/ fresh graduates to familiarize with the tech community of Nepal. The main objective of the event was to provide an exciting opportunity for students and Fresh Graduates to meet multiple employers under one roof and show them the right direction for their career & aspirations. Jyaasa being one of the leading Ruby on Rails agency in the valley proudly took part in the event as the co-sponsor. With the ever rising standard of the tech community of Nepal, we always try and contribut...

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Ruby Workshop at Jyaasa

By Promising Software Engineer on Jul, 30, 2019

In the current tech scenario there has been a depletion in the rate of Ruby Developers in and around the valley, mainly because people are not aware of how powerful Ruby is/ has been for a long time as a programming language. Jyaasa as a lead contributor to the Ruby Community in Ne...

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Bootcamp @ Jyaasa

By Promising Software Engineer on Jul, 30, 2019

The rapid growth in IT has created a wildfire with respect to employee hiring process throughout the industry. To meet their sales volume tech companies need Skilled and experienced Engineers. But, due to the vast skill gap between Academic Approa...

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Integrating Afterpay Payment in a Rails Project

By Umesh P Kafle on Sep, 07, 2018

Afterpay is a payment gateway which allow consumer to ‘Buy Now, Enjoy Now and Pay Later’. Afterpay is 100% interest free and easy to pay by its installment process. These all can be done by registering in Afterpay with the personal and card details. Consumer can buy stuff upto $1000 and pay that amount with 4 equal installments that will be due every 2 weeks. Consumer can make repayments to Afterpay any time BEFORE the due date. Otherwise, Afterpay will automatically try process payments on the scheduled dates from registered card. If a payment is not processed on or before t...

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Switching to React Native from Ruby on Rails

By Kamal Pandey on Aug, 29, 2018

Most of us programmers and software engineers are indeed always trying to learn more programming languages , pick up new tools etc. That is the way I came across ruby as well. Prior to it I was a happy java guy. After few months working full time on ruby and ruby on rails building awesome stuffs with it. I finally realized why ruby was known as a language developed for programmers happiness. Some of the noticeable advantages of Ruby on Rails I realized immediately were The speed of development. Best development practices like Representatio...

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Jyaasa in IT Career Fair 2018

By Sonika Thapa on Jun, 12, 2018

Jyaasa as one of the pioneer software engineering company of Nepal have always made it in our hearts to help wherever we can in uplifting the tech scene of the country and we could not have got a better chance to have an impact than at IT Career fair this year held at Bougainvilla events, tripureshwor on 9th June. We are thankful to Namaste Kathmandu for offering us to be the co-sponsors for the event and for the opportunity to be ...

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Encrypted secrets in Ruby on Rails

By Rasna Shakya on Apr, 20, 2018

The management of our application secrets (things such as service credentials and the secret_key_base) is belong to the most priority list. Rails 5.1 introduced Encrypted Secrets to help simplify the management of our application secrets. It will make easier to keep secrets more secret: developers can encrypt secrets inside the source code so that they are only available inside the running application process.

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Rails Payment Integration with zipPay (Buy Now and Pay Later)

By Nelson Suwal on Mar, 23, 2018

zipPay is a safe, simple and 100% interest-free account, which offers Buy now and Pay later.  zipPay is owned by zipMoney Limited with all operations based in Sydney, Australia. Once customer has zipPay account, they can use their digital wallet to buy product without  credit card and interest. Customers can buy upto $1000 (australian) and offers payment with four installments. The minimum repayment of at least $40 per month was required. A $5 monthly service fee will be added to the consumer’s account for any month there is an outstanding bal...

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Getting started with React Native: Core Architecture of React Native

By Aman Maharjan on Dec, 15, 2017

React Native is a modern framework that allows JavaScript to run on and interact with iOS and Android phones in the same way as native code does. It provides opportunities for organizations that want to consolidate down their application architectures, and take a ‘write once deploy anywhere’ approach to application development for devices. But for starters, it’s really confusing so as to know how does react native really works and hence boils down to understand of these three architecture

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First Step to Software Development: Design Thinking Process

By Rasna Shakya on Nov, 03, 2017

Design Thinking is a problem solving process. It is said to be “a formal method for practical, creative resolution of problems or issues, with the intent of an improved future result”. Design thinking is a set of tools that enables solving a particular problem using analytics and creativity. Solving the problem is at core of design thinking.The goal of improving lives is an important endpoint to the process of design thinking. In fact, it’s what design thinking is all about: finding fresh, creative solutions to problems, but in a way that pu...

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By Rasna Shakya on Oct, 20, 2017

Bourbon is basically a bunch of mixins and functions which allow one to write DRY-er browser-independant code.  It is build on top of Sass with enhanced Sass functionality that makes it even faster and easier to write clean and compact code that’s easy to maintain and share. It fills in with features such as cross-browser vendor prefixing, mixins for advanced CSS features such as animation and border-image properties, functions to do calculations including gradients and color tints, and add-ons such as font-family and button stylin...

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Design Sprint

By Neha Suwal on Aug, 14, 2017

Our designers here at Jyaasa use a powerful thought tool, a process called Design Sprint which enables us to use design thinking to reduce the risk when bringing a new product, service or a feature to the market for our clients. The Design Sprint is a methodology of agile user experience and product design process that puts the business, technology and especially the user in the center. In simpler words,  it’s a process of structured brainstorming for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing new ideas with users throughout one to five days...

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3 years of helping startups and entrepreneurs with technology

By Neha Suwal on Aug, 04, 2017

Yippeeee we are 3!!   Our 3rd anniversary cake We are glad to announce that we have successfully completed our 3rd anniversary earlier this week. We are very thankful to our web designers, software engineers and other members without whom we could not have completed those amazing 3 years i...

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Digital Marketing for Startups

By Neha Suwal on Jun, 30, 2017

The word ‘Startups’ stands for the newly established business, working in a specific sector and designed for rapid growth. Startups can also be called as a group of entrepreneurs who have grouped together to form a company. Numbers of startups are emerging everyday with the vision to serve into the global market. To raise themselves from startup to the well establish company they has to do make them known in their market.

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Jyaasa in Prestige Talks

By Neha Suwal on Jun, 16, 2017

Jyaasa Technologies is an innovative web development company, which turn ideas into digital products. Jyaasa has served startups and entrepreneurs to achieve their goal via web application, and mobile applications. We are helping startup...

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Helping digital era entrepreneurs: How Jyaasa helped to create a tech startup success story in Sydney.

By Kapil Raj Nakhwa on May, 29, 2017

Jyaasa was founded with a mission to help entrepreneurs establish successful businesses online through technology.  Since its establishment, it has been helping various entrepreneurs and startups around the globe with creating and scaling businesses online. One of the successful businesses Jyaasa has helped was designerex™, the world’s first secure designer clothes sharing platform. We received a call from Nirmal Gyawali sometime during June 2015 who was helping entrepreneur Costa Koulis with creating us...

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Web Designing Layouts (F & Z) Pattern

By Nikesh Suwal on Apr, 07, 2017

Here in Jyaasa we believe that web design should focus on how the information is read and scanned on the screen by people. Visual hierarchy, F-pattern and Z-pattern are most important principles behind our effective web design that many people have adored. Visual hierarchy A hierarchy is essentially an order of items, goals, ideas, and/or needs. Hierarchy in web design mainly about focusing a user to understand and embrace the principal goals of a website a...

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Template Method Design Pattern in Rails

By Neha Suwal on Nov, 29, 2016

The Template Method pattern is a behavioral design pattern that defines the program skeleton of an algorithm in an operation, deferring some steps to subclasses. It lets subclasses redefine certain steps of an algorithm without changing the algorithm's structure.   According to Gang of Four, “Define a skeleton of an algorithm in an operation, deferring some steps to subclasses. It lets...

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Command Design Pattern in Ruby

By Nelson Suwal on Nov, 23, 2016

What is Command Design Pattern ? Command design pattern is a behavioural pattern in which obtect are use to encapsulate all the information that need to perform action or trigger an event at later time. This information includes the method name, the object that owns the method and values for the method parameters. Intends Encapsulate a request in an object Allows the parameterization of clients with different requests...

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Application Template in Rails

By Kuber Aaganja on Nov, 15, 2016

While starting any new project, we have to install different gems, generate the root controller and set the default routes, initialize the git, add some files to gitignore and lots of other stuffs. You might have questions whose answers would ease you the problem we just discussed. Well, I had some and here are the answers. Won’t it be great if these all could be setup while creating new application?

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Factory Design Pattern in Ruby

By Kapil Raj Nakhwa on Nov, 04, 2016

Factory method lets class defer instantiation to subclasses. Factory method is primarily used to create an instance of a class in a more flexible way. Instead of creating instance of a class directly through new, it is created by another class called as factory. Example: require_relative 'shape_factory' shape_factory = circle = shape_factory.get_shape('CIRCLE') circle.draw rectangle = shape_factory.get_shape('RECTANGLE') rectangle.draw square = shape_factory.get_shape('SQUARE') square.draw ...

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Two day Workshop on ruby on rails for bridging the technical divide.

By Ganesh Kunwar on Oct, 07, 2016

In the present context of Nepal a lot of workshops and tech meet ups are happening and we can see both the quantitative and the qualitative growth in the tech scenario of Kathmandu Valley. However, Jyaasa believes that tech enthusiasts in all parts of Nepal have equal Potential, and would like to contribute wherever possible. Recently, Jyaasa conducted a two day Ruby on Rails workshop in Lumbini Engineering College, Bhalwari Rupandehi. It was led by two Jyaasians Ganesh Kunwar and Sarbada Nanda Jaiswal. The main purpose of this workshop was to provide basic knowledge of web dev...

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How To Implement Law Of Demeter In Ruby

By Sarbada Nanda Jaiswal on Aug, 11, 2016

Most of the developers who are digging deeper into proper way to build software might have had problem in understanding the law of demeter in first go. Here is our attempt to simplify this for the new generation of developers. You can read the formal definitions here : C2wiki: Wikipedia:

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Communicating Effectively In a Team of Nerds

By Bishal Shrestha on Jul, 18, 2016

Importance of communication in either making or breaking a team cannot be stressed enough. From planning and execution to motivation and collaboration, communication in a team regardless of the scope is like a spinal cord of the body. A team is a group of people with complementary set of skills. Similar types of people does not make a team. What one lacks, the other fulfils. Because of this very reason communication in a team can be lagging. One cannot expect the other members to be like him/her. Thus, it is important to take time to get to know the other members in a team. Gen...

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Starting up tech business? Hiring a freelancer or looking for a technical co-founder?

By Kapil Raj Nakhwa on Jul, 05, 2016

As an online business startup, one of the hardest decision you will make is to choose the right people to take care of the technical aspect of building your business: People who are technically complete and share the same drive and passion for your business like you do. Our clients who made the decision of hiring us to build their online businesses have admitted this to be the hardest decision they had to make in their businesses, which we think of as a valid one. As a young startup you might...

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Plain Text for Self-Organisation Part-I

By Sushil Shrestha on Jun, 20, 2016

We try our best to get things done but sometimes, somehow things don't get done or are even missed. Lifehackers, like you and us, are always looking for the best possible ways to boost our productivity and increase efficiency. Though being a Technician kind of person, we still have an Entrepreneur within us coming up with wonderful idea for a startup in bed and then waking up to have it wiped clean from memory. Some of us are enthusiastic Entrepreneurs who have...

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Deploying Rails web application using Capistrano, Bundler and RVM

By Sagun Shrestha on Jun, 08, 2016

Developers today are moving fast towards docker image based deployments. However, there are still a few of us who like to stick to more mature workflow because of the nature of the work we do and the reliability we need to provide . For which, we are very careful about the tools we put into practice among our ranks. So, for those of you who fall among those few and are looking to deploy your first Rails...

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What is `binding` object in Ruby?

By Shiva Bhusal on Jun, 03, 2016

  Lets see an example before we explain the term binding def binding1 occupation = 'chor' binding end def binding2 occupation = 'engineer' binding end erb = "Ram prasad is <%= occupation %>" # => "Ram prasad is chor" # => "Ram prasad is engineer" ...

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Refactoring JavaScript : Managing existing JS Code

By Shiva Bhusal on Apr, 06, 2016

As an web developer we always have so many problems regarding Javascript as our lines of codes in our app grow. The root cause of these problems are There are so many files. In any of the files you might have missing semicolons, or used undefined variables You often forget to put var before variable declaration, and this put the variable in the global scope This variable might conflict with same variable name you used in other part of your code. Solution...

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Fun with ACL in Rails

By on Mar, 18, 2016

After an android app using Ruboto, I knew implementing ACL(Access Control List) would be the next fun project. Imaging, planing whole bunch access levels, and controlling the access. The superior person would be able to add, view and modify any thing, but the inferior one has only a limited view. Well, I first designed the proposal, with diagrams of hierarchy of access levels and permitted actions, and the usual Use Cases and Activity diagrams. I enjoyed creating diagrams through Xmind and Umbrello. And then added some visual effects using Inkscape.

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Rspec Capybara

By Neha Suwal on Mar, 18, 2016

Rails makes it easier to write your tests. Rspec- rails extends Rails' built-in testing framework to support rspec for requests, controllers, models, views, helpers, mailers and routing. To install rspec-rails in your rails project, you need to add “ gem rspec-rails ” in your development and test group. Then run bundle install. The “ rails generate rspec:install ” , this command adds spec folder with spec_helper.rb and rails_helper.rb which is use...

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Simple form

By Neha Suwal on Mar, 18, 2016

Simple Form allows to get any kind of data of the form. Mainly it uses two API tokens, form_api_token and api_token. The form_api_token is a public token. And api_token which is a private token and only visible to the owner. This token is used while retrieving the data of the form. To implement it in your app, first you need to visit and ente...

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Building awesome ruby dashboard using because it’s-cool.

By Kapil Raj Nakhwa on Mar, 16, 2016

On one of the unofficial meet ups for rubynepal where we were going through our usual beer round when our conversation turned towards office set ups, One of our good friend Jonathan Clarke from vayu ( suggested a cool idea to have a dashboard in office to view some key metrics on the performance of the teams. Now obviously , If it was dashboard it had to be visible on the office workspace and had to be on center of our working hall where every one from the team could have a better view of it. Also it had to be a...

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