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My company has been working with Ganesh and the Jyaasa team for a long time while they have helped us build multiple companies from digital products. Their knowledge and skills has surpassed every other development company we have worked with in the past and we rely on them more and more as other companies just don't provide the same quality and service as Jyaasa. There has never been a programming problem the Jyaasa team couldn't solve, even when we think it can't be done. We are thankful for finding the Jyaasa team and hope to build all our future projects through them.

The App that makes on Campus tutoring fun, fast & simple.

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What is Campus Brainiac?
Campus Brainiac is a web and mobile application that simplifies peer tutoring. The application facilitates messaging, booking, and payments. Camus Brainiac is a great way to connect with other students in your program and courses. In this app students will be able to approach brainiacs and can get some tutoring. Brainiac on other hand will get paid on per hourly basis by the students. 

What did the client want?
The web app had already existed when our client approached us. Our client was clear about what he wanted and how the end product should be. His only requirement was he wanted the same functionality as it was in the web app in a mobile app i.e IOS and android app.

The challenge
The previous web app had an existing framework used named Framework 7 which was used for hybrid mobile app as well as Backendless was used for service platform. These two solutions were used in such a way that it hampered the app’s security and performance. Our greatest challenge was to eliminate these drawbacks and give the client a smooth running app without compromising its security and performance. 

The solution
Our solution to the problem was to use Ruby on Rails on backend instead of backendless. And building android and IOS app using React Native.

The app making process for Campus Brainiac used two mobile engineers and one backend developer.

Campus Brainiac will soon be launching in universities and schools in Canada namely as ‘Brock University’,  ‘York University’,  ‘University of Toronto’, ‘OCAD’, ‘District School Board of Niagara’, ‘St. Catherines Collegiate’,  ‘Laura Secord Secondary’,  etc.