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MOU with Nepathya College

On Aug 8 2017

Jyaasa has taken another step to build a long term vision in Nepal’s IT and software industry. We are pleased to announce that the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed on August 8th 2017 between Jyaasa and Nepathya College (affiliated to TU). The MOU is an agreement between two or more parties which indicates an intended common line of action and collaboration.

The MOU was signed by our CEO Mr. Kapil Raj Nakhwa (Jyaasa Technologies Pvt. Ltd) and Mr. Sudeep Dhakal, HOD , Research and Development (Nepathya College). Nepathya College located at Janaki Nagar, Rupandehi is one of its kind in the region which is dedicated towards IT education.

Jyaasa believes that tech enthusiasts in all parts of Nepal should have equal potential. With the view of collaborating efforts, Jyaasa will be providing mentorship, knowledge sharing, necessary trainings and career counseling to the student of Nepathya college to provide better software professionals to the country.

The emerging trends in the job market is well-known to all, to be able to sustain in this competitive world it requires an alliance between the industry and the academy. This agreement will help the students embark their professional work life and open many career opportunities for them. Jyaasa renews it’s commitment to uplift the software professionalism eco system in the country with this agreement.

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