Software Engineer (Ruby)

Jyaasa is a Ruby on Rails agency working closely with various tech entrepreneurs and startups around the world helping them with innovative software solutions. We are recruiting passionate Software Developer to help us with his/her expertise to build and deliver the engineering solutions to delight our clients.


  • At least three years of demonstrable working experience
  • Proficient on Ruby on Rails
  • Must have a philosophical understanding of software development, deployment and maintenance
  • Must know the software development best practices, coding conventions and design patterns.
  • Must be able to design/develop RESTful and GraphQL web APIs
  • Must understand the concept, philosophy and importance of TDD
  • Proficient understanding of databases including Mongodb, MySQL. Postgresql etc
  • Very good understanding of Git and Linux operating system

Key Responsibilities Areas

  • Develop and maintain high quality of code using code metric tools
  • Research, discover, evaluate and implement software development best practises
  • Develop required functionality and engineering solutions as per given specifications.
  • Collaborate on team and properly estimate, delegate and supervise the responsibilities
  • Develop, test, deploy and maintain software solutions
  • Develop and implement RESTful APIs
  • Lead by example to motivate and mentor subordinates/fellow Jyaasians.
Ganesh Kunwar VP of Engineering