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Two day Workshop on ruby on rails for bridging the technical divide.

By Ganesh Kunwar on Oct, 07, 2016

In the present context of Nepal a lot of workshops and tech meet ups are happening and we can see both the quantitative and the qualitative growth in the tech scenario of Kathmandu Valley. However, Jyaasa believes that tech enthusiasts in all parts of Nepal have equal Potential, and would like to contribute wherever possible. Recently, Jyaasa conducted a two day Ruby on Rails workshop in Lumbini Engineering College, Bhalwari Rupandehi. It was led by two Jyaasians Ganesh Kunwar and Sarbada Nanda Jaiswal.

The main purpose of this workshop was to provide basic knowledge of web development using Ruby on Rails framework for the 4th and 6th semester engineering students. It was focused on providing the basic knowledge of Ruby, MVC, Ruby on Rails framework, along with html, Bootstrap, and git. By the end of the second day, participants were able to build a simple project “Student Management System”.


Workshop on rails for college students


With the intent to close the gap between the industry and education, the first day started off with an enthusiast crowd. The students were not learning to code. Instead they were understanding the practicals of Object Oriented programming and real-world software engineering in industry. We were successful in clearing their myths and bridging their educational knowledge with the pragmatic world of IT industry.

Jyaasa believes that with right approaches; the whole of Nepal, can have economic development; through employments in Software Industry. For promoting this idea - outside Kathmandu valley - this workshop was our first step, and we encourage other software companies to do the same. Lastly, Jyaasa renews its vows to create more opportunity in the industry and the community.


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