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Jyaasa in IT Career Fair 2018

By Sonika Thapa on Jun, 12, 2018

Jyaasa as one of the pioneer software engineering company of Nepal have always made it in our hearts to help wherever we can in uplifting the tech scene of the country and we could not have got a better chance to have an impact than at IT Career fair this year held at Bougainvilla events, tripureshwor on 9th June.

We are thankful to Namaste Kathmandu for offering us to be the co-sponsors for the event and for the opportunity to be able help answer lots of queries by smart students who are pursuing a career in technology, digital design and software engineering. 

We had a fun time answering to the students on different software tools and techniques we used in our company and were equally appalled by their interest and enthusiasm. And yes, We did had a few challenges up for the students handing out gifts for lucky winners. And of course free giveaways as well. 

Our C.E.O also had a great time discussing about the right skill sets for IT jobs as he was honoured with a place in the discussion panel. 

We believe that more of these events should encourage more smart students to have clarity on building a better future for Nepal using technology.

Here are some highlights from the events. 

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